against narratives of necessity

crush lol

“Hey, you’re great and I think you’re really cool, let’s hang out!”


– Letter, from me, to Barack Obama, President, United States of America, Royal Fucking Asshole, Race Traitor, Mr. “The United States of America is Prepared to Use All Elements of Our Power, Including Military Force, to Secure Our Core Interests in the Region”, Walking Talking Human Meme, Definitely Not Sexy, Total Nerd, Queen of My Heart, Grainy Vintage Photograph, First Black Leader of the Earth Liberation Front, Anti-Fascist, Pro-Communist, All Lights Fucked on the Hairy Amp Drooling, Sent Droning Into Nowhere at Five in the Morning, Sleeping on the Floor, Excel Spreadsheet to End All Excel Spreadsheets,¬†Definitely Not Flirting with You, Flirting with Me, Waiting for an Evil That Will Never Arrive,¬†Internationally Renowned Commentator on Global Affairs, Probably Naked, Not Even Listening to Me, Are You, Barack Obama.

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