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I haven’t talked much to either of my parents about their class backgrounds. Both of my parents are from Uganda, and attended university outside of the United States before moving here, where they met in California. From her LinkedIn, I think my mom is from an economically comfortable and large family in Kampala. Most of the family I know is on her side; her mother has (I think) 8 children, of which at least 3 or 4 also immigrated to the US. She earned a law degree from Makerere University. From an email I sent asking, my dad is from a two-family village in the southern part of the country. He wrote: “No power, water, roads, cars etc for the most, but we were some of the better-off families, dad had a bicycle. We also grew coffee, corn, cotton and had a sizable banana plantation; bananas with some vegetables are a stable food in this part of the country.” He went to primary and secondary school, wearing shoes for the first time as a teenager, and left the country when it was headed by Idi Amin in the late ’70s. He was the only black student in the engineering program at the university he eventually attended in the United Kingdom.

In the US, our family (me, my brother, my parents) moved around a bit before settling in Denver, where my brother and I finished middle and high school, my mom attended community and online college to try and get better credentials for a better nursing job, and my dad worked until he was deported, around the end of my first year attending one of the most expensive universities in the country. I was mostly on scholarships; from some rough calculations I did a while ago, of the ~$220,000 cost for 4 years me and my dad paid less than $10,000 (though I left with about $12,000 in loans). I currently live in New York City, am unemployed, and mostly hang out with other twenty-something college graduates who are close to or part of a general cultural elite. My brother went to a public university in Colorado for less than a week before dropping out. He’s living somewhere around LA with my aunt (my dad’s younger sister), last time I checked. He has a fucking great Tumblr.

2014 University Disorientation Guides

Universities are among the most widely celebrated institutions of white imperialism worldwide. The university is celebrated both for the experiences it provides to those lucky enough to become its studentsformally, a center of intellectual and professional stimulation and education; informally, a sanctuary for partying and fucking with minimal societal constraintand the lifetime of social prestige and economic privilege it is expected to provide to its graduates in return for thousands of dollars of tuition. Indeed, the financial benefits are seen by those new to university campuses as the primary reason to work towards a degree. But though the economic framing is ubiquitous, university administrators also try to win the loyalty with orientation programs, in which several days of social activities with other students and programming from the institution try to foster a deep and emotional attachment to the school (and its benevolently ruling Board of Trustees).

In response to the yearly school spirit-athons put on on campuses every fall, student activists with a critical outlook on their campus and society at large have for years assembled disorientation guides, designed to communicate a threefold message: 1) everything is not alright, like they’re telling you; 2) if you think everything is not alright, you’re not alone; 3) this is where you can find those of us who refuse to accept the status quo and will work to change it. In the interests of making sure new students are fully prepared to continue their schooling, we’ve put together a short list of disorientation guides for and by (primarily undergraduate) students for the 2014-2015 academic year, based on our own research and a Twitter call for submissions.

Aside from the length of list below, its constitution of elite private and public schools in the United States and Canada will likely raise more than a few eyebrows. Since disorientation guides (and pamphlets assembled in a similar tradition) likely predate the widespread use of PDFs and websites for distribution, there’s no way of knowing for sure whether students at these universities were simply the first to act, or if, as in many things, widespread publicity and attention are predisposed to fall on the white and the wealthy. Perhaps this compilation can be the beginning of a collective project to create, as one former campus activist suggests, “the only healing response to violence of the university: to redistribute its wealth and knowledge potential to the spaces where these things are needed the most”. While the creators and intended audiences of these disorientation guides work towards egalitarian visions on their own campuses, it’s our hope that a wider group—attendees of schools unnamed, community and vocational college students, online students, middle and high schoolers, and people who never will or no longer have ties to the school system—will find in these links inspiration to do their own work in forging tools to take education, a social process of collective learning and growth, out of the hands of capital and the state and into the context of movements for liberation.


Angry at the world, you turn to trolling the liberal media establishment on Twitter. There’s a certain kind of solidarity in feeling betrayed, and as you wonder if you’re beginning to betray yourself, a friend DMs you to say thanks for all the #BlockTheBoat tweets. It’s not quite as sexy as making out at the barricades, but you remember it fondly all the same.

I want the contents of my computers to be made public after I die.

NO ONE GIVES A FUCK/EVERYONE GETS FUCKED!!!!!!! super handsy w/each other after meeting for the first time, showing up in the streets drunk and energized. Like, really drunk. The cops put down their guns and nightsticks and start recording riot porn to post on their Tumblrs and pro-chaos Instagram accounts, or something? lol.

Chino’s Revolution

A revolutiona
ry movement today must
pursue revolution on a world scale, over
and above the consolidation of a new s
ocial s
ystem in any individual state.
The spread of
global production chains makes any attempt to create a revolutionary society with
in the
bounds of a single state increasingly incoherent. Submerged in a capitalist world market,
and intimately reliant on commodity production from all
corners of the globe, no
will be able to develop a
within its borders a
experience of “socialism in one country
that a global
revolutionary transformation can only unfold starting
a large
some portion of advanced capitalist
Today’s rev
work to
and expand
rebel territories
that allow for revolutionary
, on whatever scale
. But we must
cast aside
the illusion of building
“socialism” within these enclaves
, and
maintain unwavering and critical analysis
relations of production and reproduction operating
within them
must begin
on the level of trade blocs and hemispheres
Today as in the past, a revolutionary movement must pursue a world in which
everyone enjoys control over the means of production. However, this society cannot be
brought about simply by transferring juridical ownership of capitalist enterprises to a
ling party or state, which then purports to represent the proletariat through a correct
political line. Such arrangements preserve capitalist relations of exploitation, thus
generating daily and hourly the capitalist value and social power used to strangle
revolutionary social transformation itself. A revolution can only be
a far
reaching transformation the social relationships through which masses of people produce
and reproduce human life, day after day. This must be the goal at which revoluti
aim, and the standard by which we judge the changes
by mass movements and

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A Communist Confession of Faith

Question 1: Are you a Communist?

Answer: *rolls eyes* Read the rest of this page »


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